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The Chinese are coming to Pittsburgh! By David Iwinski Jr.

In 2013, Susan Endersbe, president and owner of R.E. Uptegraff Manufacturing Co. in Scottdale, began looking for a buyer for her business. Established in 1926, R.E. Uptegraff was a sound, respected manufacturer of transformers for utility and industrial markets with a strong reputation for quality products and innovative designs. It […]

Business Workshop: Guanxi is not everything – by Dennis Unkovic

The following article was wrtitten by Dennis Unkovic, attorney at Meyer, Unkovic & Scott LLP and a Blue Water Growth partner regarding “Guanxi” (pronounced “gwan-chee”) which is the “personal connection between two people that allows each side to prevail upon the other to perform a favor or service.

Working with Interpreters and Translators

When preparing for an important trip to China (or Korea or Japan, for that matter) people focus on getting their data in order, double checking their financials and researching their market position.  However, one of the more critical items to consider that is often left to the last minute is […]

First Meeting in China – A Few Suggestions

I’m just back from a trip to China that covered presentations in Shanghai, Beijing, Kunshan and Suzhou. Well, that’s normal, but on this trip we had the opportunity to take clients with us, clients who had never been to a China business meeting before.  Here are a few observations for […]