International Business Consulting Services


As an executive your time is a valuable and limited resource.

You can’t add more hours to the day, but you have a keen sense of urgency and understand your company better than everyone.

The Blue Water Growth team has the experience, capacity and an established international business network that will empower you and your team to efficiently and effectively grow your bottom line without the need to hire full time specialized experts.

We maximize your team’s capacity and decision-making ability by providing purposeful, active and coordinated business services tailored to the unique and adapting needs of your company.

International Professional Services

  • Interim Executive M&A Support (CFO, COO, CEO)
  • Project Management Support
  • International Legal Counsel
  • Technology Licensing & IP Protection
  • consulting-serviceInternational Business Development

Strategic Business & Market Assessment

  • Corporate Capacity Assessments
  • International and Domestic Market Research & Assessment
  • International Strategic Sales

International Business Development and Support

  •  International Partner Identification (Due Diligence/Vetting/Engagement)
  •  Cross-Cultural Contract Negotiations (Deal Terms & Partnership Structures)
  •  International Launch – Toolkits & Team Resources
  •  Outsourcing Identification (Negotiation & Contracting)
  •  International Regulatory Compliance

Leadership and Talent Building

  •  International Cross-Functional Team Communication & Leadership Training
  •  Leadership Development (Succession Planning)
  •  Employee Benefit Planning
  •  Internal / External Stakeholder Development

Enterprise Advisory


  • Start-up, Restructuring & Turnaround
  • Enterprise Strategy
  • Strategy Execution and Balanced Scorecard
  • Competitive Assessments
  • Benchmarking
  • Funding


  • Post-merger Integration
  • Turnaround Operations Management
  • Value Chain Reengineering / Lean Manufacturing
  • Organization Redesign
  • Activity-based Costing
  • Portfolio, program, project management
  • Supply Chain
  • Shared services
  • Business Process / Functional Outsourcing


  • E-strategy
  • Enterprise applications
  • Systems integration
  • IT optimization
  • IT project management
  • Technology acquisition
  • IT Outsourcing


  • Change management
  • Job analysis and design
  • Talent acquisition
  • Development & training
  • Performance management
  • High performance teams
  • Knowledge management
  • Negotiations & dispute resolution