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Proceed with caution, but proceed

There is no question that global markets are in flux. Britain having voted for “Brexit” is putting a strain on the European Union, along with problems tied to the refugee crisis. In Asia, a combination of Chinese expansion in the South China Sea and threats of missile tests by North […]

Hosting the first visit from abroad

By: David Iwinski Jr. | 3:07pm EDT February 1, 2016 David Iwinski Jr. Managing director, Blue Water Growth Contact (412) 352-7997 In a prior column, I wrote about how you can make your first trip abroad successful. However, often before a deal can be struck, your prospect will […]

Why bad news in China might be good news in the U.S.

By: David Iwinski Jr. | 1:49am EDT May 1, 201610:54am EDT April 29, 2016Share David Iwinski Jr. Managing director, Blue Water Growth Contact (412) 352-7997 The intelligence about recent China stock market corrections has been largely focused on how it’s potentially dangerous to the global economy. That is […]

Slowdown breeds caution in China

      On a flight to Beijing earlier this month, Pittsburgh lawyer Dennis Unkovic was seated next to an international banker” – not an American,” he said, The banker was on an assignment that dovetailed with Unkovic’s own reason for making the long trip to China. “His bank was […]

New normal for global growth

Thursday, 22 Oct 2015 | 1:57 PM ET Insight to what’s driving global economic growth. Dennis Unkovic, Meyer, Unkovic & Scott LLP, expects global growth to be at 5.5 percent-7 percent growth.  

The first trip abroad

  By: David Iwinski Jr. | 1:30am EDT August 1, 201510:37am EDT July 30, 2015 David Iwinski Jr. Managing Director, Blue Water Growth Contact (412) 352-7997 The most important point about your first business trip abroad is to take it. No matter how good your in-country advisers are […]

Toys That Teach the Basics of Coding

Why play with a toy when you can hack one? Puzzlets, Sphero Sprk, and Dash and Dot make it fun for kids to learn the ABCs of programming  Illustration: MIKEY BURTON Updated Aug. 20, 2015 4:47 p.m. ET THERE’S MORE TO computer programming than figuring out what inscrutable words like […]

Chinese investment in Pennsylvania spikes, but more could be done to attract interest

August 16, 2015 12:00 AM Andrew Rush/Post-Gazette John Bittner, a lay out welder, grinds cut out holes for a transformer cover at Scottdale transformer manufacturing firm R.E. Uptegraff. By Eddy Wang / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Chinese direct investment in Pennsylvania has totaled more than $245 million in the past two and […]

Blue Water Growth signs manufacturing agreement with Digital Dream Labs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Blue Water Growth signs manufacturing agreement with Digital Dream Labs PITTSBURGH, PA (date)—Two Pittsburgh companies are teaming up to introduce a high-tech toy that uses video gaming to teach programming skills. Blue Water Growth, a Pittsburgh-based global consulting firm with extensive experience and expertise in China, today […]

Dennis Unkovic, chairman of Meritas, has big plans for the 7,000 attorney network

Network enables regional firms to link up across wide geographic areas and compete internationally May 26, 2015 12:00 AM Michael Henninger/Post-Gazette file Dennis Unkovic rappels over the edge of the 25-story Henry W Oliver Building in Downtown Pittsburgh on Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014. By Kim Lyons / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette In September, […]