Overview / Mission / Philosophy



Global business relationships are a fact of economic life in the 21st century. The Asia-Pacific region is home to almost one-third of the world’s population and accounts for almost one-third of global GDP. Asian companies are acquiring significant reserves in United States dollars and other currencies, while Western companies work hard to penetrate Asian markets. Growing interdependence between Western and Asian economies creates potential strategic advantages for Western and Asian companies. Blue Water Growth works with you to identify and leverage those opportunities.


Blue Water Growth is committed to enabling and facilitating commerce between the West and Asia. We use our Asian network and experience to facilitate mergers, acquisitions, and venture funding opportunities, identify and set up product distribution and business process outsourcing channels, and provide business advisory services. Our roster of trusted partners, advisers, and service vendors delivers significant cost savings to all parties.


Blue Water Growth believes in doing business ethically and openly. We provide on-going cultural communication and business advice that respects the interests of our clients in every country. We engineer transactions for mutual benefit, ensuring that all parties understand each other and are treated fairly—a necessary condition for post-transaction success.

Our network of counselors and advisors has a demonstrated and successful track record in dealing with Asian companies and governments, with the ability to handle all requirements that may occur in the course of trans-national transactions. When needed, we can provide transition and interim management, including senior executive teams with the experience and cultural sensitivity to ensure a smooth transition of ownership.