Blue Water Growth is a global business consulting firm with extensive on-the-ground experience and expertise in Asia. Its services include mergers and acquisitions, private capital solutions, product distribution, outsourcing, and a wide variety of business advisory services for its Western and Asian clients.

Our experience in multiple Asian countries, our network of contacts, our professional training, our cultural engagement, and our commitment to providing on-site service enable us to guide our clients through the cultural and regulatory shoals that often characterize trans-Pacific ventures.


Blue Water Growth locates appropriate Asian distribution opportunities for United States, Canadian and European products and also helps Asian clients identify marketing possibilities in those regions. We help to establish high volume and profitable distribution of these products while also ensuring that appropriate measures to protect proprietary and confidential information are in place.

Business Process Outsourcing

Blue Water Growth finds Asian business partners to provide significant business process and manufacturing outsourcing services for our client firms in Asia and the West. We will identify potential partners, conduct initial negotiations, and establish performance parameters to ensure that services and products meet high-quality standards and are delivered reliably, efficiently, and profitably.

Private Capital Solutions

Blue Water Growth sources appropriate venture and private equity funding from institutional investors, private equity firms, and venture capital in Asia. Our experience, including Mr. Iwinski’s tenure as CEO of two U.S.-owned startups with substantial Asian operations, enables us to align the expectations of venture funders with the long-term interests of entrepreneurs and existing investors.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Blue Water Growth supports a complete array of merger and acquisition activities, including initial due diligence, identification of acquiring firms, initial contact, and final negotiations to close. We can provide on-going transition management and interim management services specifically designed to support a cross-cultural enterprise. Historically, Asian businesses have focused on long-term, strategic planning, while Western businesses have tended to focus on shorter-term returns. Blue Water Growth’s ability to calibrate expectations and support post-transaction activities smoothes transitions and strengthens the likelihood of long-term success for all parties.